Market Shift from Trucks to Cars

May 2, 2008

Dale-we just finished one of our best months in total sales in years delivering as many new Chevy passenger cars -34- in the last three days of April as we had in the previous 27 days for a total of 68 cars. GM put an additional $1,000 on top of all other incentives on their least expensive vehilces -AVEO, COBALT, and IMPALA an boy did it work! The bad news is the vehilces that don’t get 30 mpg or more are getting old on the lot! WE also have noticed that a dramatic increase in the number of customers wanting to trade their really old high mile, low mpg unit in on old not quite as high mile but much better mpg used car vs. looking at a new car. We have also noticed many more customers wanting to trade “down” from their ’05-’07 models to much older units and that KBB and NADA are several thosand $$$ high on used full size pick-up and SUV values. Thanksfully we have been a vAuto client since June of ’05 so we are using your tool to put “real money” in trades based on days supply and auction reports from our market area. What have your clients around the country beeen experiencing?