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A Beyond Velocity Event for Canadian Dealers

November 17, 2023

A quick heads-up for dealers in Canada: I’ll be sharing my perspective on…

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A Time To Get Your Inventory Balance Right—Or Else

November 8, 2023

I’ve been talking with dealers lately about right-sizing their inventories before the pain of too many vehicles in stock fully arrives. The conve…

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A New Day Dawns for Dealers through Inventory, Process Optimization

September 29, 2023

In recent conversations and meetings with dealers, I’ve been describing how Variable Management and ProfitTime GPS represent a new day for dealers a…

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How to Best Manage the Urge to “Buy Some Cars” Right Now

September 22, 2023

It’s clear the United Auto Workers strike against Detroit’s Big 3 manufacturers is both historic and highly uncertain. News headlines paint a pict…

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Access: Innovation Day 2: A Few Challenges Growth-Minded Dealers Face

September 16, 2023

It was fitting that buy/sell expert Erin Kerrigan of Kerrigan Advisors closed Access: Innovation with a detailed, holistic rundown of current buy/sell…

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Access: Innovation Day 1: Take-Aways from Two General Sessions

September 15, 2023

During his general session at Access: Innovation, Cox Automotive chief economist Jonathan Smoke confirmed news that was on the minds of many dealers a…

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A Focus on Your People at Access: Innovation in Chicago

September 1, 2023

A quick quiz: Which movies put the following quotes into daily circulation? “Follow the money” and “Show me the money.” The respective answ…

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A Call for Caution Amid the Used Vehicle Market’s “Goldilocks Moment”

August 29, 2023

Economists sometimes use the term “Goldilocks moment” to describe an economy where everything’s just right—like the moment in the fairy tale w…

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Putting Eyes on Your “Sight Unseen” Sourcing Opportunities

August 3, 2023

In my day as a dealer, we didn’t have customers calling or e-mailing the dealership to ask for a value on their vehicle to sell or trade it. Such…

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3 Best Practices for Today’s Multi-Channel Inventory Sourcing Environment

July 26, 2023

It’s no secret that many dealers have been working hard to diversify how they source used vehicle inventory, relying less on trade-ins and auction p…

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