Live Market View

Live Market View

By the mid-2000s, the automotive industry had officially entered a new era. Consumers were armed with new depths of information, and demanded more transparency from dealers, who struggled to maintain the levels of success they were used to — particularly in the used car business. vAuto quickly emerged as the solution.

Founded in 2005 by a group of automotive industry veterans determined to provide dealers with a new way to manage their used vehicle inventory, vAuto launched groundbreaking technologies that empowered dealers to improve their used car profitability and turn rates, even in a new era.

Built on thought leadership from founder and industry visionary Dale Pollak, vAuto’s technologies delivered real-time supply-and-demand metrics in software tools that seamlessly applied Velocity® principles to its customers’ used vehicle operations.

Provision® changes the game

In late 2010, when vAuto was acquired by AutoTrader Group, the company gained one-of-a-kind access to data from® and Manheim, the nation’s premier retail and wholesale marketplaces.

This affiliation drove the development of vAuto’s game-changing Provision Suite of used vehicle inventory management tools. The Provision system provides unparalleled insights into consumer demand and wholesale availability to help dealers identify, source and retail the “right” used vehicles in a more efficient and profit-focused manner.

Today, vAuto’s Provision system offers dealers the best, most comprehensive used vehicle market data and inventory management decision-making insights in the industry.

Stand-alone applications

In 2016, vAuto launched Stockwave, a stand-alone wholesale solution designed to transform the way dealers source and purchase vehicles at auction. An evolution of the former vAuto Genius Labs product line, Stockwave uses real-time market data and deep integration with multiple leading auction houses across the country to find the perfect used vehicles for a dealer’s acquisition strategy. vAuto also offers the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor Report, a tool that helps dealers bring Kelley Blue Book’s trust to their used vehicle listings.

Performance Management

Since its inception, vAuto has been committed to providing ongoing training, proactive coaching and 24/7 support to ensure dealers achieve results they never thought possible. vAuto couples its premier software solutions with industry standard–setting Performance Management for dealer clients. Each dealer has a dedicated Performance Manager to help run Provision and Conquest™ to their fullest potential.

Expansion to the new car market

In 2014, vAuto expanded beyond used vehicle management with the introduction of Conquest, the industry’s first new car inventory management and pricing software of its kind. Built on new thought leadership from Pollak, Conquest challenged dealers to leave their old new car thinking behind and embrace new directives that lead to greater volume and profitability — from advanced stocking and pricing strategies to an innovative approach to managing incentives.

Today, many of the country’s most successful dealerships use vAuto’s new and used car products to stay ahead of competitors and maximize results.

Dale Pollak

vAuto’s visionary founder, Dale Pollak, has published several books on his Velocity Method of Management®, and remains one of the leading authorities on automotive dealership management strategies. Pollak guides strategic product development and integration for vAuto as well as other Cox Automotive companies.

vAuto is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. vAuto maintains research and development facilities in Austin, Texas.

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