A great idea for success from Joe Dieckhaus

November 25, 2008

We have been running a small classified ad in the local newspaper which says “we buy used cars at book”. Admittedly, we have mostly purchased higher mileage wholesale type cars which we in turn sell to wholesalers. It all helps pays some bills. We have also purchased some nice cars at the right prices from people who needed the cash. Those cars I listed with Vauto in the #1 position and listed them on Cars.com & Autotrader.com with a tag line as “ the lowest priced —- in however many miles it was lowest”.

I always added – “Price is firm”. Between the cars we purchased at the door and some purchased at the auction I was able to get my 30 day bucket down to a % cost to market of 59% and a price to market of 80%. The last four we sold averaged a $3,300.00 gross and averaged 13 days in stock. Some people tried to haggle but when you bring out the showroom report from Vauto they usually agree. I’ve tried it with some others in stock also. I’ll keep you posted.

By the way – great job on the optimize part of the stocking tool.