Turning 50

December 22, 2008

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll celebrate my 50th birthday.  I’m with my family at our lake home in northern Michigan.  The landscape outside the window is like a postcard of a winter wonderland.

On my last day at 49.95, I can’t help but reflect on the blessings in my life.  My entire family is healthy and doing well.  My mother and father are in Florida with their health.  All three of my sons are healthy, happy and on -track academically.  Austin is a sophomore at the University of Denver, Alex just got accepted to Emory University and Samson, age 10, just got an A+ on his fractions test.  My wife Nancy is the engine that keeps us moving and the glue that keeps us together.  Over the past several years she’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and shows no sign of letting up.

For myself, I count the blessings.  My vision impairment presents only minor inconveniences.  My business is prospering and I’ve had the privilege of getting to know thousands of amazing new business associates and friends.  Every day I’m surrounded by colleagues within my own company that motivate and stimulate me to achieve even greater successes.

Tomorrow, I’ll look out the same window with the perspective of a 50 year old, but I won’t miss the reflection of a 49 year old that has been given everything good in the world.