One of the most talented operators that I’ve ever known is looking to relocate

June 19, 2009

I’m going to violate a sacrosanct self imposed rule not to use this blog as an employment site. I’m making an exception due to the extraordinary character and talent of the individual in question. The gentleman in question worked for me in the mid ‘90s as an F&I manager. I vividly recall the day he showed up for a job interview. I was standing on the showroom floor witnessing a rare overflow of shoppers. People were milling around the showroom and there was no one to help them. The job candidate introduced himself to me and I explained that he would have to wait as I needed to find a salesperson to handle the traffic. The candidate, named Joe, asked me if I would like him to “take the up”. I told him that I appreciated his request, but he knew nothing about my store, inventory or process. He said that that wouldn’t be a problem and out of desperation, I let him do it. Two hours later, Joe delivered a new vehicle with a $6,000 gross. Needless to say, he had himself an F&I job at the dealership.

Years went on and Joe turned out to be without question the best F&I manager I have ever seen. His revenue is huge, paperwork perfect and there were no complaints whatsoever. After I sold the dealership, Joe went on to work for some other dealership groups and proved his worth in a similar manner.

About three years ago, Joe had an opportunity to become a GM dealer in a small town. He purchased a little store that no one else wanted, moved to a place that wasn’t familiar and proceeded to turn it into a profitable, viable organization. Unfortunately, Joe’s store was a victim of the recent GM bankruptcy.

For the past several weeks, Joe has been liquidating vehicle and parts inventory, selling off special tools and trying to find a buyer for his real estate. Joe has a perfect credit rating and vows to pay off every single penny that he owes to everyone. This is the kind of person that he is. Despite his misfortune he maintains a tremendously upbeat and positive attitude and assures me that he’ll be “just fine”.

About a week ago, Joe asked me if I knew anyone that he could go to work for. I told him that I thought that I could get him a job anywhere and asked him if he was willing to move. He said that he would go anywhere for the right opportunity.

Before you get too interested, however, I have to tell you that Joe will require big money upfront. If you knew Joe as I know him, you would understand that he is worth all if it and more. His personality is infectious, his energy is unrelenting and his talent surpasses anyone’s expectations. In short, he can light up an operation with enthusiasm, production and profitability.

I would not be so glowing about Joe, and risk my reputation if I wasn’t sure that this guy wasn’t a true find for a dealership in need of someone to run an operation.

If you’re interested in Joe’s contact information, please email me at [email protected] with the subject line, Candidate Inquiry.

Thank you