Is AutoTrader’s Premium package worth the money? A question from Robert Stockton of Break Away Honda

August 28, 2009

Yesterday, Tommy Gibbs, a highly respected industry used car consultant, forwarded me the following question from Robert Stockton:

Dale, what’s your opinion on Auto Trader Premium vs. Featured packages?

Here are my thoughts:

I have spent a huge amount of time lately analyzing the factors that drive success on AutoTrader. There is no question that the number one factor that drives leads is screen real estate. In other words, having your vehicles show up higher on the list. There are, however, other factors such as pricing, and having the type of inventory that people are searching for. There are also other ways to get vehicles to show up more often, and that includes spot light ads and tower banners. The bottom line is that screen real estate really matters.

Having said this, however, I would not be quick to advise anyone to spend more money to get their vehicles greater attention unless they were already extremely proficient with photos, pricing and descriptions. What’s the point of paying for position if you can’t convert it into a call or visit? I think that dealers are too quick to say that paying for a position isn’t worth it because they don’t see the results. Most often the results aren’t coming because the dealer didn’t adequately execute the above referenced responsibilities. In those cases where the dealers do execute timely and well, I believe that paying for the premium positions is well worth it

Hope this helps.


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