Used Car Managment In Todays Market

August 19, 2009
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I am an automotive professional with many years of experience. In my early years in our business I spent 5years as a GSM with a Chevrolet dealer in a major metro area. I then took a postion as GM of a GM dealership where I spent 15 years before moving on to GM at a hometown dealership to spend some time at my kids ballgames etc…  I have spent the last 15 years as U.C. Director at 2 different multi point  multi state dealer groups , one group has 7 locations and the other 3 locations. As is probably obvious all of my positions have been long term with excellent results. I remain employed at one these dealer groups now.

So on to some observations , a successful UC department can no longer fly by the seat of the pants, the market is simply to hard to predict . You must have a plan, not simply buy whats around . Your manager has far too many tasks to create a solid marketing plan based on your area. What kind of niche marketing are you doing ? Did you buy sports cars in November and December when they were stupid cheap, how about SUVs ? I did because I could present my Dealer Group with a marketing plan. Dale calls his concept engineered inventory, the great thing about this concept is you don’t need a magic UCM just a plan and a good buyer. Some dealers can afford a buyer that is a dealership employee typically a multi store group. I am considering a business that will provide a dealer with a marketing plan and if desired a buying service to implement those plans. If anyone has some interest please contact Dale Pollak he can reach me and provide any reference needed.

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