Once a dealer, always a dealer

August 19, 2009

FleetwoodI think that everyone has reoccurring nightmares. Some of these include running from a villain, forgetting to prepare for a test or some similar latent anxiety. Last night I awoke in a panic from one such reoccurring nightmare.

I dreamt that I visited my inventory storage lot and discovered an entire row of 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughams that we forgot to sell. Oh my god! The possibilities raced through my mind. I thought about the hundreds of thousands of dollars of loss that was locked up in these vehicles. The thought occurred to me to immediately issue a voluntary termination of my franchise which would compel Cadillac to buy back all new and untitled vehicles. No…that wouldn’t work, they probably had an age limit on what they had to buy back. There was no obvious answer. I was terrified. Thank god it was only a dream.

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