An important tip to get cars sold faster

October 8, 2009

For most dealers, getting cars displayed on their physical and virtual front lines is a linear process. Typically, a vehicle moves through the traditional physical reconditioning and retailing phases, and once complete, photos, descriptions and pricing are sent to the internet. I’ve come to realize that this practice is extremely slow and inefficient.

We should recognize that there are in fact two front lines, one physical and one virtual. There is absolutely no justification whatsoever to wait for the vehicle to be physically prepared in order for it to be sent to the front virtual line. Therefore, vehicles should move to the physical and virtual front line simultaneously on parallel tracks.

Initial pictures from the auction, appraisal or stock photos can be used with a banner or caption saying, “coming soon”. The price of the vehicle should not depend at all on the reconditioning cost as it must be placed appropriately in the market. If your reconditioning costs end up being higher than you thought, then you paid too much money, and that is something that occurred in the past and should not affect the asking price. Velocity dealerships today have vehicles on line, fully marketed with photos, descriptions and prices within hours of their acquisition at the auction or curb. These dealers typically get anywhere from 5 to 14 extra selling days as compared to their traditional competitors that wait for the car to be physically prepared before the process begins for on-line marketing. Every day of exposure represents opportunity and should not be squandered.


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