Serious work going on at vAuto

October 30, 2009

Sometimes you may wonder who the characters are behind the curtain at vAuto. We took this picture this morning to give you a rare inside look at a few of our special and talented contributors.


Working from left to right:

Krista is a smokin’ hot cowgirl that helps us wrangle in new staff members. As Recruiting Manager, she’s a real whipper snapper.

And then there’s gypsy Jill. This woman has extraordinary magical powers to make valedictorians out of her kids and make Rhodes scholars out of everyone at vAuto. As VP of Corporate Finance, de facto COO, and adult supervisor of the office, all of our trainers run on time.

Like Brian Urlacher, John Griffin is a bull-dog tough, somewhat aged impact player. John knows the used car business as well as Brian Urlacher knows the rear ends of defensive linemen. John sets the tempo and pace of the vAuto field organization with his hard charging attitude and never ceasing travel schedule.

Julie Boske is no pussy cat when it comes to handling the integration of new dealer clients. She is a lioness not to be messed with. She’ll rip through the bureaucratic red tape of DMS securities with a ferocity and intensity of a killer beast. On the outside however, she is a sweet pussy cat with a warm smile for everyone.

Mike Chiovari, my co-founder and CTO moonlights as a Swedish chef at night. His dual computer science degrees get tossed aside when he leaves the office in favor of his true passion for fine culinary delicacies such as sausage pizza and hamburgers. Michael can whip up hot dogs, hamburgers while saving the universe one vAuto client at a time.

Then there’s Susan, my admin. By necessity she’s half female to warmly and courteously greet all that come calling, and half man to completely kick my ass from morning ‘til night, until every single I is dotted and t is crossed.

Maureen the Mime prepares our billing statements with more moves and finesse then her spiritual mentor, Marcel Marceau. Quite to a fault, she is a true artisan and master of her profession, and because of her, thank god we have no issue whatsoever with receivables.

Catherine, our marketing coordinator, sets the pace for health and fitness in our blue-mountain dew slugging office. She brings her prom queen pedigree and can-do attitude to every marketing task offered to the team.

Michelle, our stay-at-home marketing mom takes the baby off of her breast long enough to pose for a picture. She deftly juggles motherhood and marketing-hood as only a true mother and professional could.

And then there’s me, the stay at home dad. I just can’t seem to get out of my PJ’s and get out on the road as I should to promote my company.

Oh well, we’re not the prettiest, but we’re all pretty darn happy working together to change the world of used cars.