Bob Tasca Sr., an American automotive legend

January 12, 2010


I want to express my most sincere regrets on the passing of your grandfather.  He was truly an automotive legend.

There’s a story that I’ve been meaning to tell you.  About a month ago at approximately 10:00 at night, I got a call from a retired auto worker who still subscribed to Automotive News.  He saw your picture in the ad and dialed the 800 number.  The purpose for his call was to tell me all about your grandfather.  While I knew much about him, this gentleman told me stories that I never before heard.  The call went on for over an hour, I was truly captivated by his knowledge and infatuation with your grandfather.  He told me that it was your grandfather that made so many decisions that catapulted Ford to its leadership position in the automotive industry.  When I hung up the phone, I realized in a way that I had never fully understood, what a great man and leader was Bob Tasca Sr. 

Thank you for giving me and all of us at vAuto an opportunity to touch his legacy.