Cliff Banks of Dealer Magazine Reviews Velocity 2.0: Paint, Pixels and Profitability

January 12, 2010
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Cliff, thank you so much for the review – Dale.

Pollak Publishes New Book
by Cliff Banks

The other day, I was talking with Mark Thomas, a fourth generation dealer in Pennsylvania when he mentioned the word “velocity.”

In the automotive retail industry, that word has become synonymous with Dale Pollak, founder and chairman of vAuto Inc.

When you use the word “velocity” in this business, you’re immediately identified as being a disciple of Pollak’s.

More than 2,000 dealers currently use vAuto’s software to help determine which used vehicles to stock and how to price them. Dealers I talk to swear by Pollak’s thinking.

vAuto was not the first company to offer such a product. That was American Auto Exchange, started by Bruce Thompson several years ago. Now it’s AAX and owned by DealerTrack. There’s also FirstLook, founded by Pat Ryan.

All three men, and their companies, helped redefine our thinking about the used car business. When you talk about game-changing ideas and software, these three companies nailed it.

But Pollak has become the visionary and leading evangelist for how dealers need to view their used car operations.

This is where “velocity” comes into play. That was the title of his first book (Velocity: From the Front Line to the Bottom Line) written a couple of years ago (by the way, it sold 10,000 copies). It might be the best book ever written about the automotive retail business.

We say first book, because Pollak has just released his second book, Velocity 2.0: Paint, Pixels & Profitability.

The book introduces ROI-based management metrics and processes dealers can use to operate more efficient and profitable used vehicle departments. Velocity 2.0 begins with the recognition that today’s used vehicle marketplace is more challenging and volatile than it’s ever been – a tough reality driven by the power of the Internet and a troubled economy. The book offers a playbook of best practices to help dealers overcome obstacles and outpace their competition.

If you’re using vAuto, AAX or FirstLook, or considering one of them, Pollak’s books are a must read. They’ll change everything you thought you knew about the used car business.

Velocity 2.0: Paint, Pixels, & Profitability is available at or on vAuto.

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