New Inventory Stocking Program

January 14, 2010

What follows is an email exchange between me and Kevin at Houston Ford

Hello Dale,
Kevin here at Houston Ford, just wanted to say that I think the new inventory stocking program is fantastic. Let me throw this out to you, what if you were to take it to another level,. This may be far fetched but what if  v auto was able to obtain the specific vehicles for that dealer in their area? Think of the time and money that this could possibly save the dealer in trying to find the vehicles. And the potential income this could generate for v-auto. Since v auto is nationwide and there are auctions nationwide it could possibly help the dealer try to locate them easier. Oh well just a thought, maybe to far fetched but just a brain storm I had.

Thanks,Kevin Atwater
Houston Ford


Thanks for your note.  I always appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Believe me I think plenty about actually providing the service of sourcing the cars for the dealers.  I think that this is a really important task, and I realize that it is time consuming and requires new skills.  To this extent, it would make sense to deploy specialists who focus on nothing but stocking.

My problem is that our organization is specialized in creating software and helping dealers implement it in a manner to be more successful.  Your suggestion is powerful enough, that if done right, could and should be a separate business.  I’m always eager to examine new business opportunities, but at the moment our plate is full with the demands of our current mission.  I have, however, on my blog encouraged others to develop this type of service.  Once such initiative is called Sun Star out of North Carolina.  This is a group that is currently performing sourcing functions for approximately 5 dealerships owned by 2 progressive individuals, Don Elliott from Houston and Dwaine Taylor from Kentucky.  I also have a number of other friends that are independent, like Bill Kloster in Chicago and Tony Hoboyan in Florida that are eager to apply their expertise on behalf of dealers using the velocity stocking strategy.

I would be happy to assist any organization or individual in their start up efforts to this end.  Like you, I know that the opportunities are amazing and I would like to see it happen.

Dale Pollak

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