Dealer Chris Irwin opens his books to the Velocity community

February 26, 2010

Following up yesterday’s post on the issue of reconditioning costs, I received the following message from dealer Chris Irwin.  I really appreciate Chris’ willingness to share his information with the velocity community.  I would also appreciate others to respond in kind.  Getting rationalized reconditioning costs in place is a necessary component of the velocity strategy.

Dale- Great blog post on recon costs.  I was hoping you may be able to give me some feedback from yourself and/or other dealers on some examples of our recon costs. I have attached estimates above. We have been doing a better job–esp last couple of weeks getting Sales, Service, and Parts on the same page, but still have a ways to go. Also, below are labor times for common items (we charge these at retail, which for us is $85/hr)

1.5 hrs for brake job on cars/suv/small trucks

2.2 hrs for heavy duty trucks

2.2 hrs for machining rotors

$20/tire mount and balance.

Always curious about costs for items like a Used Car Checklist/inspection, detailing, and wiper blades.

Recommended Action Plan Toyota Scion

Recommended Action Plan Used Car Checklist (not certified)

Recommended Action Plan Used Car Checklist