NADA Conclusion

February 15, 2010

nada logoJust completed this year’s NADA convention in Orlando.  I must admit that my expectations were low for this year’s show, both in terms of attendance and general mood.  Although the overall footprint of the show was noticeably smaller, I was surprised at what seemed to be a strong turnout and a very upbeat mood.

I want to say thank you to all of the vAuto friends and family as well as the general support for the Velocity Method of Management that we received at the show.  It was very reassuring and will inspire all of us to work even harder in the coming year.

I apologize for my lack of updates on the blog, but it’s been absolutely crazy getting to and through the show.  I’ll be returning to more regular posts in the days and weeks to come.  Thanks for everyone’s support.

PS…I’m hearing from many dealers that February has gotten off to a much better start than the last several months.  My sense is that there is an improvement in market conditions.

More later…

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