Proof of Profits in Used Cars

February 2, 2010
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If anyone thinks that there’s no money to be made in used cars, they should take a look at the following note from Steve Mabry of Tuscaloosa Chevrolet in Alabama. About 6 months ago, Steve and his dealer were struggling to generate volume, gross and profits in used cars.  With the help of Mark LaMarch, their vAuto Performance Manager, and their AutoTrader rep, these guys have made a 180 degree turnaround.  They’re focused, disciplined, and importantly, having some fun again.  I would strongly recommend that you contact Steve or Donny Crowe, the dealer, to find out their formula for success.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we just completed the best volume month we have had since February, 2008.  Also our used car bottom line was the best since that time with the exception of “Clunker” month when nothing was normal.

We believe that February will be even better.  Thanks for all your help and coaching.


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