Small is the new big

March 31, 2010

More and more I am of the opinion that the Velocity method of management allows small dealers to become large ones, in many cases really large ones.  Check out the following note from a really excited manager that is rediscovering the fun of the car business, once you understand that success is really under your own control.

oldhondacivicHOLY S***!!! This is no joke. I want to thank both of you for helping us with vAuto. I will be the first to tell you I was SOOOO skeptical of what you guys were saying and how this would change our business. I was convinced by others to sign up for this thing. After you both trained us on the system I was still thinking that it would make a difference of 1 or 2 deals. I was hoping that it would make a difference in 5-10 deals a month….. I am taking a quick break today to tell you both that as of 4:23 on Saturday we have sold 5 used and 4 of them came in and said “I saw the car online and came in to buy it.” We have not negotiated a dime off the price the people saw online. We had one lady that said she had been watching the car on the net and at our asking price of $12995 (old car dog math) it was to high but when she saw it reduced to $10472 she grabbed her husband and was one of the first people in the door this morning. This tool is amazing we have sold to people from Springs (30miles away) FT Lupton (150 miles away) and 2 people from Pueblo our home town.

I hate to say it we have done 2 new and 5 used today. It has been a while since we have done 7 deals on a Saturday. Our sales people are excited and we have had good traffic all day long. We have also traded for 3 cars today and feel so confident in the numbers we have put on all of the trades. I can’t wait for them to get through service and hit the net. I know there is a lot more to the system and can’t wait to become a master at using it. WOW what a great day. I am VERY excited to be in the car business and I am confident this is just the tip of the iceberg!