Do AutoTrader & Measure SRP’s and VDP’s the Same Way?

May 19, 2010
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Following is question from Jeff, a Velocity dealer and my response.


Do both Autotrader and measure their SRP’s & VDP’s in the same way? When using the merchandising module within vAuto as a tool to hold account rep.’s accountable, the issue has come up. I’m not sure what is fact and what is fiction. Thanks!  – Jeff


Thanks for the question.  No, they do not measure SRPs and VDPs exactly the same way, they are only conceptually similar.  As a result, I would not pit one against the other but rather track each one individually across time, preferably week to week.  The idea is that each rep should be accountable for increasing their own number of VDPs/DVPs over time.

Hope this helps and stay in touch. – DaleEnhanced by Zemanta