Congratulations to 2 Top Performers

June 28, 2010

prestige toyotaRecently I received a copy of a note from Prestige Toyota in Kingston, NY to consultant George Gabriel.  Through the efforts of the Prestige team and Gabriel, the dealership is enjoying an unprecedented success.  Congratulations…


When we first met a year ago, I was somewhat doubtful of your approach to used car pricing/merchandising/stocking.  Basically I thought that after doing this for 20 years or so, I knew what I was doing.

Well, here I am a year later, and slowly but surely I put your model in place…consistent pricing across all mediums, also known as Websites = Lot.

Aging strategy – re-price aggressively as it ages

And most importantly, turn the inventory

So here are the team’s recent accomplishment – 104 units on 103 in stock in May, 63 certified on 62 in stock, ranked in the top 10 in the region and top 100 in the country.  And honestly, we’ve just scratched the surface.  This is very exciting stuff.

The store, as you know, is in the middle of populations centers, PMA is 165000 men, women, children and pets, so we’ve become a destination for preowned buyers.

I won’t get into all of our strategy, but what I will say is that we are very appreciative of the time and effort you spent on us, your accessibility after the consultation and most of all your patience.  Look forward to future engagements.

Thanks and best regards,

Charlie Roszko, Prestige Toyota/Scion/Kia/Hyundai, Kingston, NY