Freeing hostages and taking out terrorists in Las Vegas

February 7, 2012

Last Sunday while in Las Vegas at the NADA convention, Steve Greenfield, Vice President of Business Development at AutoTrader demonstrated both leadership and ingenuity. Instead of watching the super bowl, Steve lead an expedition, which included himself, my son Samson and me to an infamous business establishment outside of town called The Gun Store.

Steve correctly hypothesized that since the super bowl had just started, we could avoid the inevitable one+ hour wait to fire automatic weapons at The Gun Store. Upon arrival, Steve’s intuition was confirmed, and we walked right in. Also upon arrival we learned that there were restrictions about who can shoot automatic weapons in the State of Nevada. First, we learned that there is a minimum age requirement. You must be over 8.  We also learned that being sighted is not a requirement. Clear of these restrictions or lack thereof, we spent the next 2+ hours blowing the brains out of imaginary terrorists, freeing hostages, and taking out enemy snipers. By the time we were done approximately 2.5 hours later, we reeked of gun powder, turned in our weapons and headed back to the Las Vegas strip to resume alias roles as respectable internet solution providers.

Much thanks to Steve for calling a last minute audible and making this year’s super bowl an event that will last in our memories forever.