Samson Pollak on the subject of History

February 14, 2012

Dear Ms. Hurt,

My name is Samson Pollak and I will be a freshman at Hinsdale Central High School in the fall. In October I had taken the EXPLORE test and did not quite reach the expectations I had hoped. I had just come home from Austria the night before and was a complete wreck. I had to go to school the next day and take the EXPLORE test that same evening. I believe that I was not at my top of my game when I took the EXPLORE test.

I have a burning passion for history. At my current school HMS I have had either one hundred percent or higher in that class. My goal is that I want to know everything about the past, or at least as much as I can get. I am fascinated by the rising up of great nations and the fall of even greater nations. I am intrigued by the nature of political and economic power. I am interested in great leaders and how they could be corrupted.

I only have one question for you. Are you going to let me learn and see just how far my mind can grow, or are you going to put me in a class where my mind is limited? I will always try my best and I will never ever give up. I will do what it takes to not just succeed in class, but I will thrive in that class. I will perform just like the Roman Empire did before its fall in 476 A.D. or America in the 1920’s until Tuesday, October 29th 1929. In the past my writing has always been very good, my reading even better. My trip in October really took the life out of me. I am asking you to give me a chance to put my mind to the test, and give me my chance to really fly. I understand this class might give me hours of homework, I don’t care. All I care about is that I learn. I plead to you that you will give me a chance to fly by putting me in World History honors.

From a passionate learner : Samson Pollak