Say Hello To vAuto’s New Branding and Genius Labs Product Line

November 27, 2012


I’m delighted to share some exciting news. vAuto is renaming our Live Market Suite and launching the Genius Labs product line. Here’s a quick look:

The Provision Suite: We have renamed our Live Market Suite to the Provision Suite (Pricing, Appraising, Provisioning and Merchandising). This change is a branding initiative to distinguish our premium line of inventory management products and reflect their integrated nature.

The Genius Labs Product Line: I’m really excited about this one. The new Genius Labs product line is inspired by our recent acquisition of AuctionGenius, the intuitive, single-display platform that makes evaluating and buying cars from auctions easier and smarter. As the first Genius Labs product, AuctionGenius’s DNA will define future products we develop—affordable, smart, simple, stand-alone solutions that help dealers efficiently and effectively address everyday challenges.

This video provides more detail on the Genius Labs product line and AuctionGenius.