12-12-12: Velocity Overdrive: The Road To Reinvention Is Now Available

December 12, 2012


Today marks an important milestone: My third book, Velocity Overdrive: The Road To Reinvention is now officially available for dealers.

The book, which is available at Amazon, chronicles the efforts of velocity dealers to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and profitability in their dealerships. Velocity Overdrive details how used vehicles become “ground zero” for the reinvention of people and processes as dealers strive to increase sales volumes and profitability through increased efficiencies and market data-driven management. Over time, these reinvention efforts extend to every dealership department and usher in an unprecedented degree of collaboration and improved dealership performance.

Here is an excerpt from the book’s introduction that describes this efficiency-driven reinvention:

“The economic downturn hastened what is known as a “race to efficiencies” in the car business. This race isn’t just about being leaner and meaner, and doing more with less. That’s pretty much a given in any retail business these days.

No, this is a race to change the people and processes in a dealership, starting in used vehicles, to make everything run in a more efficient manner to yield a better return on investment and greater profitability.

A lot of dealers are struggling with this road to reinvention. As I’ve studied their difficulties, I’ve come to understand the problems are largely due to a lack of fortitude or understanding about what it means to embark on a road to reinvention in a truly dealership-holistic manner.

This road is not yet a well-paved or well-marked pathway to profits and prosperity. There are, however, some dealers who have ventured farther, and seen more success, than others. For these dealers, the road to reinvention and greater operational efficiencies is now a way of life.

In most cases, these dealers have no desire to turn back or change course. They’ve got a new lease on life for their businesses and their future fortunes.

The degree and scope of change and innovation these velocity-focused dealers have embraced to achieve a greater level of operational efficiencies is sometimes breath-taking. They really are reinventing and retooling their dealerships for the rest of the 21st Century.”

I’m pleased with the early reviews for Velocity: Overdrive. They affirm the book is on its way to meeting my goal of helping dealers achieve a greater degree of success in what has become a highly challenging retail environment.