How Do You Cost Efficiently Transport Vehicles Purchased at Auction in a Timely Manner?

December 4, 2012

I received the following question from a Velocity dealer and I’d like to ask for your assistance/guidance.

Dear Dale,

I’m writing you in hopes you can answer some of my questions on Auction Genius. I totally get the fact that if you are going to get the right used cars for your strategy that you need to comb the entire country for cars. My biggest question relates to shipping. If we go out and by one or two cars at these auctions all across the country we have found it very difficult to get single units picked up by freight. For example, New York to Wisconsin or California to Wisconsin. Do you have any advice on what successful dealers are doing to get these cars in a timely manner? We are an automotive group with three stores in Wisconsin. Not big enough to own our own trucking company. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A.J. Stark