Our time together this week in Atlanta

January 9, 2015

Upon reflection of this week’s Annual Sales Event, I would just like to share some thoughts. First and foremost, I just want to let the entire field team know how much I appreciate your enthusiasm and support of our Cox Automotive mission. Your spirit and dedication was evident in every moment of our time together. I am continuously committed to the belief that all of you out in the field are Cox Automotive’s most valuable assets. You inspire me beyond belief.

Next, I want to congratulate Jared Rowe, Jim Menard and John Kovac for putting together and delivering what I consider to be, the best annual event that I’ve had the opportunity to attend since 2008. I thought the content and execution was just stellar.

We all must also take our hats off to the behind-the-scenes event coordination and marketing team members who flawlessly ran the event. Could you possibly have imagined any detail that was missed or anything that could have been done better? I can’t. Also, how about that personal address from Alex Taylor? How lucky are we to be working for a big family company like Cox that has participating family who are committed, hard-working and possessive of such good values. I believe that we work for the best company in America. It’s so rare that people are valued in a big company as they are here at Cox.

Finally, I just want to let you know that I had more fun and derived more inspiration in these few days than from anything else in the past year. It’s just a ton of fun being together with everyone, celebrating our success and sharing our vision and commitment for the future. I’m looking forward to working hard and having fun with everyone in the coming year.

Love and respect,