Memories From The Mountain Carry On

February 13, 2015

I just received more photos from my recent No Barriers ski adventure with Erik Weihenmayer.

Their arrival, via e-mail and a Dropbox link, reminded me of how far we’ve come since our family ski trips when I was a kid: You’d drop your film off at a local camera shop or drug store, and wait a week or more for word that your prints had arrived—hoping for the best.

The photos recharged the friendships and memories we made on the mountain, which have proved transformative in so many ways for me.

Ryan “Buck” Ross, who headed the production team that filmed and photographed our time at Beaver Creek, says he especially likes how many of the photos of me feature a smile. “I remember seeing you the first day, with a look of uncertainty as we got started,” he says. “After our first run, that expression changed to a smile that never went away.”

Here are a few images, taken by photographer Sean Boggs, from the trip: