If Everyone Uses The Same Tools, Where’s The Advantage?

February 19, 2016

A dealer recently posed a good question after reading an article of mine about Stockwave, vAuto’s latest innovation.

The question: If all dealers and consumers share and use similar technology, how does anyone gain an advantage?

My response: Thank you for your question, Joe. It’s one that I often here from dealers, and one that is especially relevant in today’s era of constant change and innovation.

The advantage comes from the individuals using the technology, not necessarily the technology itself.

Think of Excel or Powerpoint. Both are ubiquitous in business.

I’ll bet you can think of someone who’s an absolute whiz at either program, someone who’s pretty good, someone who’s just OK, and someone who could use a little help.

The same is true with the way consumers and dealers use technology. The advantage for a consumer lies in how well he/she uses available technology to research and purchase a vehicle. The most technically savvy buyers stand a better chance than others of getting the best deal, because of their skill using the same tools everyone else does.

This dynamic is no different among dealers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that dealers who have the best technology, and the best people using it, are reaping larger rewards in their local markets than their less technology-savvy peers. Perhaps the biggest reward of all is the increased efficiency and profitability these dealers achieve through more sophisticated, technology-driven operations.

I hope this helps. Thank you again for your question.