Final Countdown: Stockwave Is Set To Sail At NADA

March 30, 2016

Thanks to the Cox Automotive family, Stockwave has started strong.

We’ve signed up hundreds of dealers in our lead-up to Stockwave’s official debut at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas.

It’s really a proud moment for all of us at Cox Automotive, given that Stockwave represents the first broad-scale example of our mission to combine our efforts and resources to create innovative solutions that benefit dealers.

But even with the positive early going for Stockwave, I’m still a bit anxious.

Because, to me, the real test arrives this week in Las Vegas. The test will be whether dealers, who are looking for better ways to do business, find Stockwave to be the transformational tool Cox Automotive built it to be.

My anxiety eases a bit when I recognize the tireless efforts of everyone behind the scenes.

The marketing, product and sales teams across Cox Automotive that helped bring us to where we are today.

vAuto’s marketing, operations, performance management, support and training teams, and the stellar job they’ve done stellar job generating Stockwave awareness and getting us ready for Stockwave’s NADA debut and beyond.

The Stockwave business development, product, sales and strategy teams that have been crushing it in recent weeks and months. The demo’s ready. The booth team’s pumped.

All we need now are dealers in the Stockwave booth.

We’ve been working hard to secure pre-set appointments with dealers to see Stockwave at NADA. In addition, we’ve got a plan for handling referrals of dealers from other Cox Automotive brands at the show. If a sales team member at any Cox Automotive booth engages a dealer interested in Stockwave, we have Cox Ambassadors who can help make the connection with the Stockwave team. Of course, the team will ensure the referring sales team member gets proper credit and reward if it’s a qualified referral that results in a Stockwave sale.

While packing for NADA, my wife asked me how I was feeling about Stockwave’s debut. I relayed my anxiety and she put up a hand. “Hold on, Dale,” she told me. “Isn’t Stockwave more ready for NADA than any other product you’ve ever brought there?”

The question gave me pause and perspective. She’s right. Stockwave is ready, thanks to an awful lot of shared commitment and hard work from a lot of people across Cox Automotive. These collective efforts give me confidence that I, and vAuto, are not alone as Stockwave gets set to sail at NADA.

As we all prepare for Stockwave’s imminent curtain call at NADA, it’s worth sharing what Manheim president Janet Barnard said when we hatched the idea for Stockwave nearly two years ago: “Let’s do this!”

Amen. I look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas.