A Used Car Operations Tune-Up With Tommy Gibbs

September 29, 2016

I thought I’d put out a plug for my friend, Tommy Gibbs, who is hosting a half-day Used Car Workshop on Wednesday, Oct. 19, in Chicago.

Tommy doesn’t do many public workshops. He’s normally busy traveling the country and meeting with dealers/dealer groups in private sessions where he helps them tune up their used vehicle operations.

Over the years, Tommy’s been a respected friend and teacher for me. Every time we talk, I come away with an insight or pearl of wisdom that makes me smarter about the business of retailing used vehicles.

I’m told seats are limited for Tommy’s upcoming Chicago workshop. I’d recommend it for dealers and used vehicle managers looking to take their used vehicle operations to the next level and set the stage for a strong performance in 2017.

You can get more information on Tommy’s workshop here.