Performance Matters Podcast Peels the Personal Onion

September 2, 2016

I do a fair number of interviews with analysts, reporters, students and others interested in the automotive industry.

As a general rule, the best interviews are really conversations, marked by a healthy exchange of ideas and perspectives. Likewise, the best interviewers are those whose curiosities, interests and personalities produce open-ended, thoughtful questions that inspire meaningful responses. A journalist friend describes the interview process as “peeling the onion.”

A few weeks ago, I was the “onion” on Performance Matters with Garrett Jorewicz, senior director of operations for NextGear Capital.

Some background: Garrett’s podcast is his brainchild. He launched it as a way to primarily help his NextGear colleagues better understand their business and its connective tissue to other parts of Cox Automotive. The podcast struck me as a cool idea, and I made time for it on my calendar.

During the interview, Garrett proved to be a good interviewer. We discussed Stockwave, my books and a few personal things.

Here’s a link to have a listen: