Front Line Inspiration From vAuto’s Performance Management Team

November 8, 2016

Committed. Loyal. Driven. Persistent. Scrappy. Family. Aggressive. Blessed. Humble. Competitive. Grateful. Energetic. Integrity. Passion.

These words came from individual members of vAuto’s Performance Management team as they introduced themselves to open their annual meeting today near our Chicago-area headquarters.

The introductions required each of the nearly 150 team members to describe themselves with a single word—a pretty cool and powerful way to kick off a meeting.

As I listened to the words and voices from around the room, I felt tears well up.

First, the words summarized exactly the characteristics and qualities that anyone in business, especially the car business, would aspire to live every day.

Second, the voices were unequivocally honest and sincere—a testimony, I believe, to the comfort and trust that comes when a group of people share a common goal of helping dealer clients, and relish their collective success.

Third, the descriptors perfectly matched the people and personalities that vAuto’s Performance Management leaders, John Griffin and Michelle Drinnan, work very diligently and hard to find and hire. They stick to their time-tested profile, saying “no” far more often than “yes” to potential applicants, even if it means more short-term strain and stress.

Six years ago, I worried that my decision to sell vAuto to Cox Automotive would make life more difficult and disruptive for everyone at vAuto, but particularly Performance Managers. They really are the front line fighters for vAuto, coaching and coaxing dealers to adopt new ways of thinking and operating their businesses to sell more new/used vehicles and make more money.

Today’s meeting affirms that my worries, while unavoidable, were unfounded. vAuto’s Performance Management team continues to be a shining, successful star for Cox Automotive and our industry. Day after day, they selflessly prove that when you give your best to dealers, they give back.

I feel grateful, honored, inspired and full of respect for this special, talented and uniquely gifted group of people.

vAuto’s Performance Management team deserves a public shout-out and thank-you for all they do for our dealer clients, our company and for me.