A Thoughtful Note from NCM Associates

April 25, 2017

ncmI received the following thoughtful note from Terry Wichmann, a retail solutions consultant at NCM Associates.



Thanks for your continuing help when I ask you to send your books to current vAuto clients and vAuto prospects.

When discussing “velocity” (in general) and vAuto (specifically) during NCM Associates “Profit Improvement Meetings” at dealerships, I always indicate to Dealer Principals / General Managers and Used Vehicle Managers that they will not “deeply” understand the “principles” of velocity unless they read your books.

Concerning your comments about the “Ross” speech… “Has snap judgments outlived their usefulness?”…an economist, with whom I had lunch yesterday and who sells analyses of new/used vehicle registrations to dealerships, indicated that Dealer Principals are generally “too instinctive” and not as analytical as they should be; he feels this approach “holds back” the retail car/truck business from some of the respect our industry deserves.  His thoughts somewhat endorse your insights to the Used Vehicle business.

Also, I was very moved by your message to Pope Francis; some Jesuit-educated “guys” (in my case, Cleveland St. Ignatius High School and John Carroll University) understand that Pope Francis was a Jesuit “first” and, then, our Pope.  I believe Pope Francis is guided daily by St. Ignatius’s “Spiritual Exercises” which encourages all us to “seek God in all things”.  The Catholic Church could use a few more Jesuit Popes “post-Francis”, which, I hope, will not occur for many years.

Best regards and God Bless,

Terry Wichmann  |  Retail Solutions Consultant  |  NCM Associates, Inc.

Thank you Terry, I appreciate your kind words.  As always, I’m here to help you and your dealers in any manner possible.