A Sneak Peek At My Fourth Book—Like I See It

October 10, 2017

I don’t normally use this blog for promotional purposes.

But I hope you’ll forgive this one-time policy suspension to plug the upcoming publication of my fourth book, Like I See It: Obstacles and Opportunities Shaping the Future of Retail Automotive.

Like any author, I’m awaiting the official release date of next Tuesday, Oct. 17, with a mix of anticipation, excitement and fear. You just never know how your work will hold up, particularly when your intended readers are dealers, OEMs and other sharp-minded retail automotive professionals.

I recently sat down with David Pyle of Cox Automotive to talk about Like I See It. The video below captures our conversation and offers a sneak peek at some of the ideas and topics I address in the book, which I undertook to help our industry face a challenged and somewhat uncertain future.

I hope that you’ll watch the video, and that you’ll add Like I See It to your reading list.

Thank you.