A Meaningful Trip to Recap Our First Year With Provision ProfitTime

December 11, 2019

I’m heading to Austin, Texas, to share insights and observations from the first year of vAuto’s Provision ProfitTime journey with the vAuto data scientists and developers who helped us bring this game-changing system to market.

It’s a special trip for reasons that go beyond being accompanied by a ProfitTime dealer who’s excited to share his experience of doubling his used vehicle department’s return on investment performance.

I’ll be meeting with the more than 100-plus people who, in my opinion, make up the greatest automotive development team on the planet. They literally build and move mountains in very short amounts of time. Every time I return to Austin, I am reminded of the quality and depth of talent on this team, and how they apply themselves to our mission and purpose every day.

It’s also a special visit because it brings me together with three people who have been by my side for the nearly two decades I’ve spent traveling between Chicago and Austin for my work with Digital Motorworks and, in more recent years, vAuto.

There’s David Rice, who serves as vice president of research and development and leads our Austin development office. He’s largely responsible for the vision behind our development team and its purpose-minded operational structure.

There’s the other, taller David, David Hawkins, whose relentlessly bright insight and intellect often serves as a valuable cross-check on the direction, nature and substance of our development work.

And, there’s Chris Stutsman, who has spent countless hours creating ProfitTime with me, and has been a driving force behind a host of other vAuto products and enhancements over the years.

As I prep for the meeting, I’m feeling a lot of pride and gratitude for our people in Austin.

Suffice it to say, their home city isn’t the only reason I consider them an A-team for vAuto.