It’s a “Whole Truth” Tuesday!

July 12, 2022

I thought I’d put out a quick post to highlight that, after production and supply chain delays, my latest book, Whole Truth: A Fresh Money-Making Method to Wholesale, the Most Misunderstood Side of Your Business, is now officially available on Amazon and other retail outlets.

The book aims to help every dealer recognize how their used vehicle departments hold the potential to be double-barrel businesses, where you can (and today, you should) make money when you sell a vehicle in the retail or wholesale market.

“Whole Truth” touches on the history of the wholesale market and unpacks what I call the half-truths about wholesale that have long led dealers, including me, to believe that selling wholesale vehicles should be anything but a money-making opportunity. The book also serves as the catalyst for the new Upside solution, and the Upside direct marketplace, that Cox Automotive launched in late spring.

I’m glad “Whole Truth” is now available. I hope the book helps dealers see how a strong wholesale business can ultimately feed the success of your retail business in used vehicles.